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04. Nov 09

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Portals Come To Half-Life 2

So youve played through Portal and loved it? How about the ability to play Half-Life 2 with the portal gun in-hand? Follow our instructions%...

02. Nov 09

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The 12 Strangest Museums in the U.S.

Travel writer Terese Loeb Kreuzer shares her picks for the most bizarre museums in the United States.

31. Oct 09

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Home owner has 1st solar-hydrogen house His energy...

EAST AMWELL, N.J. - Mike Strizki lives in the nation's first solar-hydrogen house. The technology this civil engineer has been able to%2...

27. Oct 09

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Girl Challenged by High School Peers for McCain Su...

A high school girl in Oak Park IL conducted an experiment; how inclusive were her fellow students who supported Barack Obama if she were to ...

22. Oct 09

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FireWire to climb to 3.2Gbps in 2008

A future version of FireWire will quadruple the speed of today's fastest version, the IEEE 1394 Trade Association has revealed. Officially kn...

18. Oct 09

How NOT to ship software licenses

Leading the stupid shipping gang takes creative incompetence, and Hewlett-Packard is clearly up to the task. Other companies might have turned%2...

16. Oct 09

Undercover cops arrest an undercover cop posing as...

An undercover Iredell County Sheriff's Office deputy recently purchased drugs from undercover Statesville police officers, raising questions about commu...

14. Oct 09

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New Tools 4 You! Kids Spaces Marketing Toolkit

12. Oct 09

(Video) 312mph (502kmh) Japanese Linear Motor MAGL...

OH...MY...GOD!!! You'll love watching this video taken by the Havard Japan of Club, showing the Japanese "Train of Tomorrow" SWOOOSH past!!!

10. Oct 09

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Top 10 Tips for Salary Negotiations

Negotiating a better salary package has put more than a few stomachs in knots over the years. Remember, we all go through it sooner or l...


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